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There are many advantages to preplanning your funeral. We always encourage advance planning when possible for the following reasons.


  • Pre-Planning your funeral will ensure that you are in control of your funeral plans. This allows the visitation, ceremony, and method of disposition to be carried out according to your wishes. In addition, details such as clothing, music and reading choices, and the inscription on your headstone could all be set forth in your funeral plan.

  • Pre-Planning your funeral in advance takes the stress and burden off your loved ones when the death occurs. At the time of your death, your loved ones may not be in the correct emotional state of mind. By having the funeral pre-planned, this allows your family members to focus on grieving and honoring your life rather than focusing on the details of planning your funeral.

  • Pre-Planning your funeral will allow you to assume the financial responsibility for your funeral and lock in costs at today’s rates. Although this is not required with pre-planning, it will allow you to avoid years of inflation.

  • Pre-Planning your funeral allows your loved ones to have the benefit of a meaningful funeral. Loved ones will benefit emotionally and socially by focusing all of their attention on honoring and celebrating you instead of worrying about all involved in the planning aspect of a funeral.


Interested in advance planning for yourself or a loved one?

The below Pre-Planning form outlines important information to start the advance planning process. The form can either be emailed, mailed, or dropped off to the funeral home.

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